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Each custom cake creation is unique, so guidance and pricing information is most accurately acquired via e-mail or telephone directly with Natasha or her associates. We have tried to provide a few pointers to get you started including basic pricing information and other ordering info to help get you on your way. When emailing or calling for a quote, please have the following information to help you further. The type of event, number of guests you would like to feed and a picture/idea of what you would like.

Q. How much does a custom celebration cake cost?

A. While it ranges from as little as $80 to upwards of several hundreds, cakes are priced based on a few elements. First is cost of materials. Some cakes contain non-cake elements which are purchased from local and international retailers and wholesale establishments. These costs, and the cost of purchasing or importing them are included in the base price of a cake. The second element is difficulty, number of guests it will feed and the time that will be required to create the cake. Some cakes require a half an hour of decorating time while others may take days to create, deliver, set up etc. This time is estimated prior to the order begin confirmed and it the largest element of the cost

Q. How far in advance should I order?

A. Usually at least 2 weeks notice is recommended, although we try to accommodate last minute orders when we can. Brides often contact us 4-6 months prior to their wedding date. Deposits are recommended for our busy season between Mid May to the end of October to hold your day, so no other clients can bump your order.

Q. Do you require a deposit?

A. Yes. All orders over $100.00 require a $50.00 deposit with a credit card on file. All orders under $100.00 require just a credit card number on file.  Please note all deposits are non-refundable. In the event you need to cancel your order we require  minimum of a 4 day notice, anything less than this may result in additional fees associated with the time and ingredients we have created with your order.

Q. What if I just want a basic buttercream cake or mousse cake? Nothing fancy.

A. Here is a price list of some of our more basic cakes. Unless you decide to add extra detailing the price should remain the same

6" round cake (6-8 slices) $35.00 - $45.00
8" round cake (10-12 slices) $45.00 - $60.00
10" round cake (15-20 slices) $60.00 - $75.00
Slab Cakes - Rectangular in shape
1/4 Slab cake (15-20 slices) $60.00
1/2 slab cake (30-40 slices) $90.00
 CWA's Full slab (40-60 slices) $115.00
If you have any further questions as they sizes to not accomidate your guest count please do not hesitate to call us at 403.536.4368 and we can discuss several other options.

Q. I would like to purchase a fancy celebration cake that is several tiers, what can I expect ?

A. Celebration cakes start at $75.00 minimum for a single tier. Multiple tiered celebration cakes start at $150.00 minimum. They are party cakes and use standard pans such as round, square, heart or rectangle. These cakes are typically covered in buttercream and then fondant to provide a crisp, clean look. Please check our gallery for a wide range of celebration cakes we have done. Don't see something you like, please send us a picture you have in mind and we would be happy to re create this for you.

Q. How much does a 3D sculptured cake cost? Can I have any flavor?

A. Sculptured cakes start at $80.00. A sculptured cake is a hand carved cake to look like an object. 3D cakes in my gallery average around $150-$300. Large themed cakes are also based on the number of servings and difficulty. Please send pictures and the number of slices you would like your cake to be for us to provide an accurate price. If you’d like a flavor but don’t see it, feel free to ask…but keep in mind certain types (such as cheesecake, angel food, and mousses) may not be stable enough for a sculpted or tiered cake.

Q. Do you offer delivery for celebration cakes?

A. Yes we do offer delivery for celebration cakes. We have a flat fee of $40.00 in Calgary for Delivery for celebration cakes. Wedding cakes and cupcakes cost $80.0o for delivery and set up. If delivery is required during 7:00am-9:00am or 3:30-6:00pm we do charge an additional $10.00 as rush hour can add several hours to our delivery. If delivery is required out side the city limits we can arrange this as well as long as we have availability. Please be aware prices for out of town deliveries are a bit higher and range due to distance.

Q. Can I purchase cupcakes?

A.Yes we do offer cupcakes and tasty ones at that. Cupcakes can be ordered by a minimum of a dozen with half a dozen intervals after this.

We offer 2 different sizes of our gourmet cupcakes
Regular - $30/dzn
Mini - $20.00/dzn  **Only available by the dzn

Q. Can I purchase gluten free cupcakes

A. Gluten free cupcakes can be purchased as well and taste amazing.. Since gluten free flour costs more than regular flour we do have a different price for all gluten free products
Regular - $38.00/dzn

Currently we do not make mini or medium cupcakes that are gluten free

Please check out our flavors for a full list of cake and icing flavors to choose from

Q.What form of payment do you accept?

A. We accept cash, Debit, Mastercard and Visa for all transactions