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Cakes With Attitude is located in Calgary, Alberta where we have a  commitment to our clients to provide a quality mouth watering cake for any occasion. All cakes are made in house from scratch just days before your event using quality ingredients: sweet butter, belgium chocolate, pure vanilla, and unsweetened fruit puree. The ingredients you would use if you made it yourself. We pride ourselves by not using preservatives or additives to our product. By doing so we have created a product that will satisfy and indulge your sweet tooth. At Cakes With Attitude we believe our customers can taste the difference, thus our cakes will speak for themselves. We strive to provide  the best quality service our customers have ever had. With attention to detail and our commitment to you, we guarantee you will have a jaw dropping experience.

Cakes With Attitude specializes in Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, as well as cakes for all other events, cupcakes as well as Dessert Tables and most importantly we custom all our cakes and desserts for your special occasion.

Now offering Gluten Free and Egg Free Cakes.


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